Alpha Numeric


Alpha Numeric is a word and numbers puzzle game heavily inspired by (but in no way associated with) the cult U.K. T.V. game show Countdown, which itself is based upon a French T.V. show called Des chiffres et des lettres.

Find as many words as you can against the clock, and solve arithmatic problems within the time limit. Not sure what the word you found means? If you have a network connection, be it GPRS, EDGE, 3G, or WiFi, Alpha Numeric will look up the definition.

Wondering what the best word you could have found was? Alpha Numeric will tell you, and will show you the definition if it can find one.

New with version 2.0:

If you’re looking to try something different than the usual word scramble type game, this would be a good app to try. The math aspect to it gives it a different and challenging twist. -- The iPhone Mom


Letters Rounds

Numbers Rounds



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