MUAS is a MUD server that I have been playing about with for years, constantly rewriting (originally written in STOS Basic on the Atari ST). It never really gets very far, only so far as to allow logins, walk around in locations, interact with items, and some very basic AI.

I of course have lots of insane ideas of what I would like to do with it, I just never get around to doing them, or in some cases figuring out just how to do them. The last "normal" version is written in C++. The current version is an experiment with PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. This might seem a bit odd, but seems to be working quite well with a quick prototyped version that I put together.

I now also have a version using .NET instead of PHP, still making use of MySQL and AJAX,

The more I do play about with the code though, the more it appears that a MUD server is the perfect application for learning about a wide range of programming issues, from networking, concurrency, neural networks, AI, right down to basic algorithms and storage mechanisms. Just a shame universities don't teach MUD coding as a module.

If there is enough interest I may make the code available, but as their are already hundreds of MUD servers available I doubt that is going to happen.

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