This is essentially a dead project after I bought an ipod in early 2006

Neutrino is the new name for GnomeDAP, a GNOME 2 (and hence GTK 2) based application for accessing a Creative D.A.P Jukebox (Nomad Jukebox to non Europeans).

The Neutrino project page has now been setup on Sourceforge, providing bug tracking, forums, a mailing list, and CVS access to the source code.

[ Download Neutrino 0.8.4 ] | [ Old Neutrino Versions ]


This is essentially a dead project after I bought an ipod in early 2006

NJBStack is a system that I've started putting together with the intention of replacing Neutrino. Building upon libnjb it provides an access layer for any application wishing to read from / write to any Nomad Jukebox attached to a machine.

Currently there is a gnome-vfs module as part of NJBStack which makes it possible to playback tracks that are stored on a jukebox in applications such as Totem and Rhythmbox. It also allows you to copy tracks between a jukebox and the machine it is plugged into.

Along with the vfs module there is also a GTK widget which greatly simplifies the creation of applications like Neutrino, and Gnomad, there is however no depandancy on GTK or gnome-vfs.

This is only an early experiment and makes use of upcoming technologies such as D-BUS, with plans for it to make use of HAL as well for better system intergration.

[ Download NJBStack 0.2.0 ] | [ Old NJBStack Versions ]

Neutrino Screenshot