SCREEM is a unix based web site development tool (and therefore HTML editor), designed for use within the GNOME desktop environment. The project itself is hosted on Sourceforge which provides web space, mailing lists, CVS repository and bug tracking, and is reachable at

I started writing SCREEM back in April 1999 while playing about with an interface for what was going to be a Usenet news reader. It turned into an HTML editor after I got bored and started typing some mark-up into the text widget that was going to be for displaying articles.


SCREEM is effectively no longer under development. The project still exists on sourceforge, along with all the bug tracking, version control etc. should anyone wish to pick it up. The domain name is currently registered until June 2010, it is uncertain if this will be renewed or not.


The following are downloads of the source code for screem rather than executable binaries. 0.16.1 is the stable version, 0.17.1 is the development version.

[Download SCREEM 0.16.1] | [Download SCREEM 0.17.1]
SCREEM Screenshot