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Just a preliminary title, this is the current incarnation of my genealogy application code, in a far better architectured, maintainable, and usable fashion than before. (not the only current version, there is now an objective C version used for GedView on the iPhone.)

I had written a GEDCOM parser in C but never ironed the bugs out. In December of 2006 I decided to rewrite the parser in C#. This turned out rather well and has led to this project. Based off the design work that had been done for Gnealogy, which was unashamably based on Family Tree Maker. There is currently a basic GTK interface allowing for editing data in various views.

One rather nice suprise at the moment is memory consumption compared to Gramps, the main genealogy application for linux. Loading one of my test gedcom files, consisting of just short of 25k individuals, Gedcom.NET uses 36% less memory. Of course Gramps has a far larger feature set at the moment, but the numbers are looking good. (Gramps 3 has a new GEDCOM parser and manages to come in a couple of meg lower now, but still takes a lot lot longer)

The same can't be said for the memory usage of the website code. It turns the gedcom file into an xml document, which for my 25k individual test database takes up 400meg of memory (64 bit). The webpages themselves are then generated on the fly via XSLT. For smaller databases, such as the one shown in the screenshots it uses a much more comfortable 46 meg (64 bit). This memory usage is based off the document being in GEDCOM 6 format.

Current Features

0.6 GTK App Preview Release  -  0.6 Source Release  -  Sourceforge Project Page

Gedcom.NET screenshot
Gedcom.NET website screenshot