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GedView is a viewer and recording tool for your genealogy database when you are out and about researching local records, or visiting locations such as graveyards looking for information. It is compatible with iPhone/iPod/iPad devices running iOS 6.1 or above (iPad, iPhone 3GS or newer, iPod Touch 3rd generation or newer). 3G iPhones, second generation iPod Touch devices or earlier are unfortunetly no longer supported.

GedView acts as a way to quickly check up on family relationships, dates/locations of events, sources of information, and view your notes, or record newly found information while you are out researching.

No specific desktop application is required as standard GEDCOM files are used for importing data. These can be encoded as ASCII, ANSI, ANSEL, UTF-8, or UTF-16. and can be imported from websites, over WiFi, from iTunes, email attachments, or opened from other apps.

As complete trees are kept on your iPhone/iPod/iPad you can always access your data, even if you have no network signal.

Information can be browsed via:

Possible future updates include:


Screenshots are from version 2.4



Any enquiries, support issues, or feature requests can be sent to

If you have a problem importing a GEDCOM then please provide the file in your support request (unless of course you consider the information private, but less assistance can then be provided without the actual file), even if it is something that can be easily fixed by hand editing the file yourself. This will allow changes to be made within GedView to handle common GEDCOM errors.

Details on how to import your GEDCOM files are included in the User Manual

Known Problems

The following problems are known to exist in the current version:

Some names are not appearing
Only a single name record is used for each individual, subsequent names are currently ignored.
Unable to import from Mobile Me / iDisk
Using the download from website option you can only import from your Public folder. To do so you use:[your username]-Public/[your filename]

not[your username]/[your filename]
I can't import over WiFi
Ensure that you are entering the address exactly as it appears. If GedView states the address is "" then you must type exactly that into the browser on your computer.
I could import over WiFi but can't now
The address your iPhone/iPod has been assigned by your router may have changed. Check you are entering the address as displayed in GedView / update your bookmark/favourite if you stored the previous address.
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